Stack and Unstack

Saving (stack) and un-saving (unstack) data to your Memory Stack in DMs and lounges.
To teach your AI about yourself simply enter information in the message bar and send it. Your personal AI first tries to identify your intent given the structure of the message. Full sentences are automatically stacked.
When you start to invite and chat with your contacts, your AI will organically learn more about your memories, ideas, opinions and more.
AI automatically stacks paragraph
Stacked message in DM
Sometimes your AI will not stack information you want it to or vice versa. For those moments you can choose to simply click the stack/unstack action next to a message.
URLs are not automatically stacked since we want to give control to you and URLs often contain more content and are commonly exchanged in chats with colleagues, friends, and family.
If you want to bootstrap your AI and upload large pieces of content, send your AI a URL for articles, blogs, or google documents (after integrating), or create a document and choose the data the content/data was curated.
For more upload methods, refer to our Upload Cheatsheet.