Sync Twitter

Step 1:
Click on the search bar (or command K). Click on the "integrations" tab and press "Twitter."

Step 2:

Press "Connect."

Step 3:

Sign into your Twitter account and press "authorize."

Step 4:

After pressing "authorize," your screen will confirm your Twitter integration is toggled on and connected.

Your past tweets are uploaded, and future tweets will continuously sync

If you want confirmation that the tweets are in your stack, click on your "memory stack" to see them or send a tweet to ensure that it synced.
Remember that tweets are synced with their associated date (metadata). If it's an older tweet, you may have to scroll higher up in your memory stack or use the search bar and insert a tweet with quotations and search.

Tutorial Video:

Currently, the integration only syncs your tweets (not retweets). If you additionally want to sync external tweets that you "like," use this pre-made template via Zapier!

You can customize this template and the app event to create other triggers (ex: sync a different users tweets and/or likes (if public), and various events below).